It’s 500 Time

The spring brings two 500 festivals that are among two of my favorite throughout the year. The first one being obviously the Little 500 bike race held at Indiana University every year in April and my second favorite in the Indianapolis 500 car race.  

For those of you who don’t know about Little 500, it is the biggest intramural event on IU’s campus as well as the largest college bike race in the country. Every year to start off the festivities, there is a running race either the weekend before or the night before called Little 50. This year I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t come up with a team, but I still have next year! What most college students know Little 500 as, is the biggest party week on IU’s campus, and students here would argue that it is the BEST college party week in the country.

Some people decided to start partying the weekend before, but it officially beings Monday, April 16th, 2012. This is a WEEK long celebration with the race taking place on Saturday, April 21st. The past two years that I have been at IU for Little 500, the weather has been absolutely awful, lots of bike crashes and wipe outs. This year the weather forecast seems look like similar weather from previous years but hopefully the riders luck out this time, after all we do live in Indiana…where the weather is never predictable.

This Indy 500 is my second favorite event of the year which is usually held the last weekend of may. Unlike the Little 500 event, this event is far more widely known on a global scale. It is the worlds most famous car race and has taken place since 1911, this year will mark it’s 101th year anniversary. The race covers 500 miles in a single day and draws over 270,000 spectators every year, rain or shine. Fans of this event usually start the party early in the morning around 6AM as it takes roughly 2-3 hours to get into the track. After you make it, it’s party on for the entire day.


I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be attending both of these events!



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