Cardinals and squirrels, could it be love?

“Rally Squirrel” has been adopted into the St. Louis Cardinals fan club. The tiny squirrel made multiple appearances during last year’s NLDS against the Phillies. The squirrel turned into a phenomenon around St. Louis, with t-shirts, signs, and other forms of memorabilia for sale at games and around the city. Image

The squirrel ran across home plate during Skip Shoemaker’s at-bat in game 4. The squirrel has now found a new home plate to stay permanently… On the championship rings. Image

“Rally Squirrel” can now be seen running over home plate permanently, the words “Happy Flight” are engraved underneath the squirrel on the bats.  The industry said they tried to find a good way to capture the essence of the season, and what a better way to do it than to bring into their new furry friend that was there to help them rally to the championship this past season. According to ESPN insiders, the squirrel found himself on Shoemaker’s Topps baseball card and now as a place in the franchise forever. Image


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