Bobby Petrino

Bobby Petrino will always be remembered for the reason he was fired as the head football coach at Arkansas.  There is little doubt that he engaged in a relationship that was outside of his marriage.  The question some ask is why is that a fireable offense?   The reality is that he did what he never should have done.  He was married, had children and was the face of a nationally known and respected football program.  The fact is that he and his 26 year old mistress were texting and the Huff Post says it was 84 texts that were exchanged on the day before a big game.  That is a lot of communication. 

There are a lot of public figures who have affairs and many of them do run the risk of losing a lot.  There was the Tiger Woods situation where many sponsors were pulling their support after his high profile issue.  The question I have is do these morality contracts really need to be in place for everyone?  Do you think that while compliance is checking monthly phone records for too many calls to recruits they need to check for too many calls to women?

Are female coaches held to the same criteria?  Do they think that the the long term goal of the programs that they lead should be keeping a marriage intact?  Some people are not married or will end a marriage, that can’ t be part of the deal.  There are coaches all over the nation who are looking at Petrino and thinking, I am glad that isn’t me because it could be.  I just am surprised by the firing even though he wasn’t being the best role model and I know he lied to the school but it is still surprising. 


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