Tips on How to Fit In (and Survive) a SEC Tailgate

You Gotta Dress to the Nines

Although the picture shown isn’t the best quality, what do you see? Girls in dresses and guys in suits and ties. Your jeans and football jersey isn’t going to cut it at the SEC Football games. It is anunwritten rule (or it might actually be written somewhere) that you must show up to the tailgate and game in classy attire. The chances of you getting free food and booze go up significantly when you look like you belong, which means either wearing heels and pearls, or a hounds-tooth tie and jacket.

Food, Food, Food

To have a successful time tailgating, one must consume a ridiculous amount of food. Chips and dip and hamburgers and hotdogs and cake. You can either hope your parents come to visit on tailgate and make all of this delicious food, or you can charm your way to multiple tailgates of randoms and hope they are drunk enough to offer you their personal spread.

Wear a Button… or a Sticker, or Visor, or Hold a Flag

You will very rarely see any fan without one of these items, the most common being the button.Whether it was cheering on your team, or bashing the others, it is all-apart of the “must-have” dress items.


Booze, Booze, Booze

Probably the most important part of any SEC tailgate. You will, without a doubt, stand out if you are sober. There is an endless supply of alcohol no matter where you turn, so make sure you take

 full advantage of this before the game actually begins. Most SEC campuses do not serve alcohol at the games; therefore you are not allowed to bring in any with you. For the most part, they are very strict about searching each student and their bags, and more times than not there are metal detectors present. But do not fear! Students once again have found a way around this rule and have turned to plastic flasks, that they then tape to some part of the body until they can sneak into the bathroom and pour the alcohol of choice into a cup. Really classy.

Know Your Team

The most simple and obvious rule. Know your starting lineup, your backups, and all about your head coach’s family.  This will get you very far with other fans.


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