NBA Trials

Lamar Odom is an LA guy.  His lifestyle fits LA, his wife’s lifestyle fits LA and his style of play fits LA.  He was named 6th man of the year and was a contributor on one of the NBA’s most prolific teams.  The NBA lockout was as challenging for him as it was for anyone and the reality is there has been a void in his heart since he was traded by the Lakers. 

When he got to Dallas his wife, Khloe Kardashian made the most of it. She moved them to Texas and embraced being out of the hills of Calabasas.  Upon hearing that Lamar would no longer be a Dallas Maverick, Khloe jumped to action.  Her first step was to fire his agent. 
She created a blog page that was entitled, “Find Lam Lam a job” because her biggest fear is that her husband will be unemployed like her brother. Odom was furious with this and has reportedly demanded the site be taken down.  It was too late, between Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian the link for the website was tweeted over 7 million times in three hours. 
A trusted source says that the Kardashian women are collectively acting as his agent and will be negotiating a deal with the Indiana Pacers.  When the deal is complete, Khloe plans to buy the Conrad downtown so there is plenty of room for the family to stay when they come to town.


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