Broncos Losing Horsepower

About three weeks ago, Peyton Manning became the Broncos projected starting quarterback. This was a disappointing day for Colts fans, as they never thought they would see the day they had to wave good-bye to Peyton for good. But no one expected things to take a wild turn.

During Peyton’s first few weeks as he was moving to Denver he was reported being seen crying hysterically and expressing a lot of frustration and confusion. Broncos head coach Kevin Stokley became aware of this not long after a local resident in Peyton’s new neighborhood had first sited him acting strangely upset. For days Peyton wouldn’t leave his new home but an outside source has given investigators some information regarding the newly traded quarterback’s problems.

Apparently Manning is facing some traumatic brain problems due to his exceedingly high brainpower. His brain has developed a disorder known as Cerebral Aneurysms, which consists of dilation and bulging on the wall of an artery in the brain. Surgical treatment is being discussed with his doctors, which may put Peyton out for at least another year.

One of the main reasons why the Broncos originally wanted Peyton as their starting quarterback was because with his brainpower they expected a boost in the team’s horsepower and hopefully lead them to becoming national champions.

What does this mean for the Broncos? Well if Manning can’t get his brainpower under control before it get’s to the point of possible surgery, the Broncos will be out of luck as former quarterback Tim Tebow is headed to the New York Jets. Maybe they should have thought twice about letting Tebow go, Peyton may no longer have a few more years in him.


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