It’s 500 Time

The spring brings two 500 festivals that are among two of my favorite throughout the year. The first one being obviously the Little 500 bike race held at Indiana University every year in April and my second favorite in the Indianapolis 500 car race.  

For those of you who don’t know about Little 500, it is the biggest intramural event on IU’s campus as well as the largest college bike race in the country. Every year to start off the festivities, there is a running race either the weekend before or the night before called Little 50. This year I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t come up with a team, but I still have next year! What most college students know Little 500 as, is the biggest party week on IU’s campus, and students here would argue that it is the BEST college party week in the country.

Some people decided to start partying the weekend before, but it officially beings Monday, April 16th, 2012. This is a WEEK long celebration with the race taking place on Saturday, April 21st. The past two years that I have been at IU for Little 500, the weather has been absolutely awful, lots of bike crashes and wipe outs. This year the weather forecast seems look like similar weather from previous years but hopefully the riders luck out this time, after all we do live in Indiana…where the weather is never predictable.

This Indy 500 is my second favorite event of the year which is usually held the last weekend of may. Unlike the Little 500 event, this event is far more widely known on a global scale. It is the worlds most famous car race and has taken place since 1911, this year will mark it’s 101th year anniversary. The race covers 500 miles in a single day and draws over 270,000 spectators every year, rain or shine. Fans of this event usually start the party early in the morning around 6AM as it takes roughly 2-3 hours to get into the track. After you make it, it’s party on for the entire day.


I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be attending both of these events!



Bobby Petrino

Bobby Petrino will always be remembered for the reason he was fired as the head football coach at Arkansas.  There is little doubt that he engaged in a relationship that was outside of his marriage.  The question some ask is why is that a fireable offense?   The reality is that he did what he never should have done.  He was married, had children and was the face of a nationally known and respected football program.  The fact is that he and his 26 year old mistress were texting and the Huff Post says it was 84 texts that were exchanged on the day before a big game.  That is a lot of communication. 

There are a lot of public figures who have affairs and many of them do run the risk of losing a lot.  There was the Tiger Woods situation where many sponsors were pulling their support after his high profile issue.  The question I have is do these morality contracts really need to be in place for everyone?  Do you think that while compliance is checking monthly phone records for too many calls to recruits they need to check for too many calls to women?

Are female coaches held to the same criteria?  Do they think that the the long term goal of the programs that they lead should be keeping a marriage intact?  Some people are not married or will end a marriage, that can’ t be part of the deal.  There are coaches all over the nation who are looking at Petrino and thinking, I am glad that isn’t me because it could be.  I just am surprised by the firing even though he wasn’t being the best role model and I know he lied to the school but it is still surprising. 

NBA Olympians should be paid?

Earlier this week,  Heat guard Dwyane Wade said he agreed with Celtics guard Ray Allen that NBA Olympians should be paid.

Wade said there is a big time commitment that goes along with being on the national team. An ESPN articles says that teams that make deep runs in the playoffs could have only a couple of weeks between the end of the season and the start of the national team’s training camp.

One of the reasons behind Wade’s comments was the increased sale of jerseys during the Olympics. Allen, whose comments started this discussion, told that an acceptable compromise would be if there was profit sharing from the sale of Olympic game jerseys.

Wade agreed with that, but acknowledged that may not be fair because not every player would get the same amount.

Wade’s comments, more so than Allen’s, got the attention of the media.

He later clarified his comments via his Twitter page saying, “I’m reading a lot of reports coming out about my comments re: the Olympics and compensation. And I want to clear this up personally…I responded 2 a specific question asked by a reporter on my thoughts of Olympians being paid. I never asked to be paid to PLAY. What I was referencing is there is a lot of Olympic business that happens that athletes are not a part of – and it’s a complicated issue.

“BUT my love 4 the game & pride 4 USA motivates me more than any $$$ amount. I repped my country in 2004 when we won the bronze medal and……stood proudly to receive our gold medal in 2008 in Beijing. It’s always been an honor for me to be a part of the USA Olympic family……and I’m looking forward to doing it again in London this summer.”

Cardinals and squirrels, could it be love?

“Rally Squirrel” has been adopted into the St. Louis Cardinals fan club. The tiny squirrel made multiple appearances during last year’s NLDS against the Phillies. The squirrel turned into a phenomenon around St. Louis, with t-shirts, signs, and other forms of memorabilia for sale at games and around the city. Image

The squirrel ran across home plate during Skip Shoemaker’s at-bat in game 4. The squirrel has now found a new home plate to stay permanently… On the championship rings. Image

“Rally Squirrel” can now be seen running over home plate permanently, the words “Happy Flight” are engraved underneath the squirrel on the bats.  The industry said they tried to find a good way to capture the essence of the season, and what a better way to do it than to bring into their new furry friend that was there to help them rally to the championship this past season. According to ESPN insiders, the squirrel found himself on Shoemaker’s Topps baseball card and now as a place in the franchise forever. Image

IU’s Decision Not to Recruit Local Athletes Makes No Sense

I have lived in Bloomington, IN basically my whole life. My parents went to Bloomington North, I went to North, and my brother is about to gradate from North. And over the years, I have seen some great athletes produced from both Bloomington High Schools, yet, aside from a few choice athletes, most seem to choose to go to other schools. People on the outside may say it is because they want to “get out”, or leave home for better schools. But I know for a fact that it is because most IU programs will not recruit local athletes.

Lets take for example Bloomington South Pole-Vaulter Drew Volz. Drew was outstanding when pole-vaulting. He had come from good genes; his father was a pole-vaulter at IU, and he ended up attending the Olympics. Everyone wanted Drew, but Drew’s dream was to go to IU, to be on the track and field team just as his father was. By his senior year, Volz had won State multiple times, and even the Junior Olympics. IU had shown interest in Drew, but they did not recruit him heavily, nor were the planning on offering him any kind of scholarship. His dad still knew people on the inside, and when he was asking around, why not recruit my son harder, the answer was simple. IU did not like to recruit local kids. They figured their time was better spent on athletes around the country, and that local kids should want to come to IU regardless. The track team already thought Drew was in, even though they didn’t show any initiative that they wanted him. When Drew graduated in 2011, he took his talents to FSU, who recruited him heavily, flew him down on a private plane, and offered him a full ride.

Another example is North Thrower Onyi Afaoku. Onyi had won multiple awards as a thrower. He was definitely a homebody, and both of his parents are professors at IU. The Track and Field team put very little effort recruiting Onyi, thinking that since both of his parents worked here they would have no trouble having Onyi to stay. Onyi ended up signing with Ole Miss on a full ride two weeks ago.

I’m not saying that Bloomington is full of these great high school athletes that constantly get overlooked at IU. But I do feel that the athletes that are D1 material get the same treatment as athletes from all over the country. These are still kids, and they want to feel wanted. IU is overlooking a market that could be extremely beneficial to them, and losing these athletes could really hurt the programs in the end.





Best NBA players to come out of #Hoosiernation aka Indiana University

The Hoosiers basketball program of Indiana University is one of the most prominent teams in NCAA competition. Winners of five-time NCAA Championships, the Hoosiers are virtually synonymous with college basketball. A total of 50 Indiana Hoosiers have reached the NBA with rising star Eric Gordon leading the current crop. And after the outstanding 11-12’ season, hopefully this trend will continue with junior Christian Watford and freshman Cody Zeller.  The all-time best NBA players from Indiana University are led by two Hall of Famers, an ABA/NBA star, and a pair of All-Star brothers.

Walt Bellamy:

Hall of Fame center Walt Bellamy was one of the greatest NBA players from Indiana University. From 1958 to 1961, Bellamy averaged more than 20 points and 15 rebounds per game for the Hoosiers to become the number one overall pick in the 1961 NBA Draft. Bellamy posted double-double averages in 11 of his 13 full seasons, scoring a total of 20,941 points and grabbing 14,241 rebounds with the latter ranking ninth in NBA history.

Isiah Thomas:

Thomas was the Most Outstanding Player of the 1981 Final Four and the second pick in the draft of the same year. He spent his entire 13-year career as the starting point guard for the Detroit Pistons, leading the franchise to its first two NBA Championships in 1989 and 1990. A 12-time All-Star, Thomas was one of the greatest play-makers basketballs.

George McGinnis:

George McGinnis was an All-Star big man in both the ABA and the NBA and one of the greatest players from Indiana University. He made three All-Star teams in each league, scoring a combined 17,009 points with 9,233 boards in his 11 professional campaigns.

Dick Van Arsdale:

A three-time All-Star for the Phoenix Suns, guard Dick Van Arsdale was one of the best NBA players from Indiana University. Van Arsdale began his NBA career in New York, spending three years there before joining the Suns and developing into a star. For his career as a whole, Dick Van Arsdale tallied 15,079 points with strikingly similar production to his brother Tom.

Tom Van Arsdale:

A three-time All-Star for the Cincinnati Royals and identical twin brother of Dick Van Arsdale, Tom Van Arsdale was one of the top NBA players from Indiana. Tom Van Arsdale scored 14,232 points for a career average of 15.3 per game.

The Tim Tebow Craze

During the 2011 NFL season, there was one quarterback that we couldn’t go a day without hearing about either him or his performance. That quarterback is Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. For months his name was everywhere, from the television to the internet. The internet is bound to flood itself with songs about you, if you permeate the American consciousness the way Tim Tebow has done. Here’s a collection of Tebow songs. Some of these are good while some, well, let’s say they might not quite match the greatness that is Tim Tebow. Enjoy my top Tim Tebow parodies, because you can never really get enough of Tim Tebow.

  1. The Tebow Connection- Another great one from This one is from December 2010 and parodies “The Rainbow Connection.” Tebow Connection 
  2. Tebow’s Place- This song is about Tebow replacing Orton and is interlaced with video of Tebow’s (and the Broncos’) comeback victory over the Dolphins back in October.Tebow’s Place
  3. The Mile High’s Tebowing- An hilarious song parody of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know it.” The Mile High’s Tebowing
  4. Tebowing- Naturally, Ryan Parker has a Tim Tebow Song. This song is to the tune of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin.” Tebowing
  5. All He Does is Win- DJ Steve Porter jumped in on Tim Tebow with this mashup that prominently features ESPN’s Skip Bayless.All He do is Win
  6. Tim Tebow’s Island- A song parody of the Gilligan’s Island theme song. Tim Tebow’s Island
  7. Tebow in Paris (Tim Tebow Song) – Tebow Dissing Cam Newton in song, as well as promoting his clutchness. Tebow in Paris

Tips on How to Fit In (and Survive) a SEC Tailgate

You Gotta Dress to the Nines

Although the picture shown isn’t the best quality, what do you see? Girls in dresses and guys in suits and ties. Your jeans and football jersey isn’t going to cut it at the SEC Football games. It is anunwritten rule (or it might actually be written somewhere) that you must show up to the tailgate and game in classy attire. The chances of you getting free food and booze go up significantly when you look like you belong, which means either wearing heels and pearls, or a hounds-tooth tie and jacket.

Food, Food, Food

To have a successful time tailgating, one must consume a ridiculous amount of food. Chips and dip and hamburgers and hotdogs and cake. You can either hope your parents come to visit on tailgate and make all of this delicious food, or you can charm your way to multiple tailgates of randoms and hope they are drunk enough to offer you their personal spread.

Wear a Button… or a Sticker, or Visor, or Hold a Flag

You will very rarely see any fan without one of these items, the most common being the button.Whether it was cheering on your team, or bashing the others, it is all-apart of the “must-have” dress items.


Booze, Booze, Booze

Probably the most important part of any SEC tailgate. You will, without a doubt, stand out if you are sober. There is an endless supply of alcohol no matter where you turn, so make sure you take

 full advantage of this before the game actually begins. Most SEC campuses do not serve alcohol at the games; therefore you are not allowed to bring in any with you. For the most part, they are very strict about searching each student and their bags, and more times than not there are metal detectors present. But do not fear! Students once again have found a way around this rule and have turned to plastic flasks, that they then tape to some part of the body until they can sneak into the bathroom and pour the alcohol of choice into a cup. Really classy.

Know Your Team

The most simple and obvious rule. Know your starting lineup, your backups, and all about your head coach’s family.  This will get you very far with other fans.

NBA Trials

Lamar Odom is an LA guy.  His lifestyle fits LA, his wife’s lifestyle fits LA and his style of play fits LA.  He was named 6th man of the year and was a contributor on one of the NBA’s most prolific teams.  The NBA lockout was as challenging for him as it was for anyone and the reality is there has been a void in his heart since he was traded by the Lakers. 

When he got to Dallas his wife, Khloe Kardashian made the most of it. She moved them to Texas and embraced being out of the hills of Calabasas.  Upon hearing that Lamar would no longer be a Dallas Maverick, Khloe jumped to action.  Her first step was to fire his agent. 
She created a blog page that was entitled, “Find Lam Lam a job” because her biggest fear is that her husband will be unemployed like her brother. Odom was furious with this and has reportedly demanded the site be taken down.  It was too late, between Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian the link for the website was tweeted over 7 million times in three hours. 
A trusted source says that the Kardashian women are collectively acting as his agent and will be negotiating a deal with the Indiana Pacers.  When the deal is complete, Khloe plans to buy the Conrad downtown so there is plenty of room for the family to stay when they come to town.

Broncos Losing Horsepower

About three weeks ago, Peyton Manning became the Broncos projected starting quarterback. This was a disappointing day for Colts fans, as they never thought they would see the day they had to wave good-bye to Peyton for good. But no one expected things to take a wild turn.

During Peyton’s first few weeks as he was moving to Denver he was reported being seen crying hysterically and expressing a lot of frustration and confusion. Broncos head coach Kevin Stokley became aware of this not long after a local resident in Peyton’s new neighborhood had first sited him acting strangely upset. For days Peyton wouldn’t leave his new home but an outside source has given investigators some information regarding the newly traded quarterback’s problems.

Apparently Manning is facing some traumatic brain problems due to his exceedingly high brainpower. His brain has developed a disorder known as Cerebral Aneurysms, which consists of dilation and bulging on the wall of an artery in the brain. Surgical treatment is being discussed with his doctors, which may put Peyton out for at least another year.

One of the main reasons why the Broncos originally wanted Peyton as their starting quarterback was because with his brainpower they expected a boost in the team’s horsepower and hopefully lead them to becoming national champions.

What does this mean for the Broncos? Well if Manning can’t get his brainpower under control before it get’s to the point of possible surgery, the Broncos will be out of luck as former quarterback Tim Tebow is headed to the New York Jets. Maybe they should have thought twice about letting Tebow go, Peyton may no longer have a few more years in him.